Heartbeat Reads Subscription Details

Want to read every new Heartbeat Reads release for FREE? And want to receive a $10 shopping credit for only $4.97? That’s the awesome deal you get with the Heartbeat Reads subscription.

For just $4.97 a month you receive:
Every new Heartbeat Reads release for FREE: With your subscription you receive every new Heartbeat Reads release for FREE. Whenever we have a new release you will automatically get an email with a link to download it for free.
1000 Heartbeat Reads Hearts EACH AND EVERY month: Each month 1000 Hearts are automatically added to your account. Your 1000 Hearts represent a retail value of $10 in my store. You can redeem your Hearts in my store with any book order. Just pick the books that you like in our extensive book shop and pay with your Hearts.

Subscription details:

  • Books are delivered to you through Bookfunnel, to the email address connected with your Heartbeat Reads account.
  • I plan to publish about 1 new release per month, but do not give any guarantees on the frequency of new releases.
  • New releases can be in any of the genres I publish in: paranormal romance, science fiction romance, or contemporary romance.
  • Subscriptions automatically renew each month.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Hearts added to your account in connection with a subscription role over each month during the lifetime of your subscription. On cancellation of your subscription these Hearts expire on the last day of your subscription.
  • I may update the details of the subscription, without prior notice.
  • I reserve the right to stop offering the subscription service.
  • I reserve the right to exclude people from using the subscription service in case of unintended use of the subscription.
  • You can read more about our Hearts reward program here.