Werebear’s Baby Girl

$2.99(or 299 Hearts)

$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

An insanely gorgeous bad Bear PLUS a hunted gal on the run PLUS a baby girl in danger…

All Mindy wants is to be alone and think her life over on a deserted beach. But when she meets a stranger who looks like Poseidon, all gleaming skin and dripping muscles, she suddenly doesn’t mind the company so much.

What she didn’t expect was to get pregnant with his baby, though…

Bad boy Rex is one of the hottest, most muscular men on Bear Shifter Island. His life’s a mess, but he’s determined to turn it around. No more women for him.

Until beautiful Mindy shows up on his doorstep with a little baby girl. Yes, he wants to be a better man. But no, he’s not daddy material.

Can he prevent his bear from taking his mate, though?

Can he stop himself from loving his little girl?

And when an enemy turns up who is prepared to do the unthinkable and take his mate and baby, can Rex stop himself from unleashing his bear for them?

This is a full-length novel of 50,000 words. It is a standalone romance in the “Bear Shifter Island” series. Other parts in the series are:

“Mated to Four Werebears”

“Werebear’s Nanny”

18+ readers only.

Tags: Paranormal, Shifters, Babies, Action, Bear Shifter

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