Tied to the Barbarian Warrior

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

I’m tied to a demanding and bossy alien. And there’s nowhere to go…

Kara is the assistant coordinator to the Argarian Ambassador. When she covers for the Ambassador’s daughter Nariya by taking her place in a meeting, she has no idea what the consequences will be.

Before she knows it she is tied to a barbarian warrior. He’s arrogant, demanding and bossy.

And handsome, strong and hot.

Commander Arazor is the head of the Elite Galactic Force on the planet Agrion. His alliance with the Argarians will be symbolized by his marriage to their Ambassador’s daughter. It’s a political deal, nothing more.

He didn’t count on being betrayed. On being tied to a human.

But there are more important things at stake. Nariya has been kidnapped and Kara needs to bring her back.

Arazor has no choice. He has to accompany Kara. He’s bound to protect her. Even if that means traveling across the universe into dangerous territory.

Even if it means letting her change his cold heart…

Even if it means dying for her…

Tied to the Barbarian Warrior is a 60-page standalone book in a series of scifi romance novels, featuring the Space Station Andromeda 13. Other parts of the series:

Slave to the Barbarian King

Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior

Mated to the Barbarian Heir

The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of action, lust, and violent warlords. Definitely intended for 18+ readers. 

Tags: Alien, Abduction, Sci-fi, Action, Pregnancy, Alpha Male

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