The Rich Cowboy’s Baby

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OMG. He is so hot and so rich… but what if he finds out about this?

Nadine couldn’t believe that Cole would cheat on her after they moved from her home state to start a new life together.

Not only did he cheat, but he did it in his truck in a parking lot. She had given up a good job and a future to come here and support him in his dreams of becoming a rancher so he could live a more peaceful life. Nadine had given up everything.

Is it fate when she meets Owen in the crowd as she runs away from the end of her relationship? Is it fate that she crashes into him, and he helps her to pick up the pieces of her life over the course of a night?

Nadine never knew that a man could make her feel like that, but makes the hard choice to return to Chicago to start a new life for herself.

But as fate would have it, she must return to break the news to Owen that he is going to be a father…

It was so unexpected, and she is scared, but Nadine hopes there is a chance that they can rekindle things between them with their new situation.

Will new information break all of that hope? Can she get past the idea that she got used all over again?

Can Owen and Nadine find love through the turmoil and form a family?

This is an 11,000 words stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.

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