The Rancher’s Virgin

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Love is like a shooting star – catch it before it’s gone.

New York is Brie’s life. But when her mother suddenly dies, the 18-year-old doesn’t have a choice. She moves in with her family at a ranch in Texas to start over. Turns out that the ranch owner is one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever laid eyes on.

But she has to forget about him. She’s too young and inexperienced for him, not to mention his son’s nanny.

Little does she know that her aunt’s got it all planned out.

Ranch owner Lance is every woman’s dream with his tousled hair and blue eyes. But underneath the muscles and sun-kissed skin, this wounded cowboy hides his scars. He’s focused on his work and his little son. He has no time for love.

But everything changes when he sees Brie that first day, all curves, beauty and warmth.

Is this wrong? Is this right? Despite their age difference and working relationship, Lance and Brie can’t deny the attraction.

Will Brie be able to move past her loss and start her first relationship? Can Lance let his walls down and give into his feelings? Can they be a family and enjoy a simple life of love and joy together?

The Rancher’s Virgin is a 58-page stand-alone story in a series of cowboy romance books, featuring cowboys and virgins. Other parts of the series:

The Cowboy’s Virgin (more coming soon!)

The books each have an HEA and include stargazing, hot cowboys and steamy love scenes. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Contemporary, First Time Virgin, Cowboy, Western, BBW


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