The Cowboy’s Virgin

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

He asked if he could kiss me. Who does that?

After her dad died, curvy 19-year-old Lauren Jones is ready for a change. Taking up her best friend Jane’s offer, she moves from Atlanta to a small village in Colorado to live with Jane and her boyfriend. They seem very happy, but Lauren’s decided that love just isn’t for her.

Too bad that Jane’s a notorious matchmaker.

Cole Harmon is a cowboy who looks exactly like Lauren’s favorite actor, Dermot Mulroney. He always hangs around Jane and Adam’s house so he’s hard to avoid. His lean muscles, tight abs and the V that disappears into those worn jeans are sending hot flashes through Lauren’s body, even though she’s determined she’s not on the market.

But when Lauren gets to know Cole better and hears about what happened to him, she realizes that she could develop feelings for this cowboy with a wounded heart.

There’s just something about a cowboy, isn’t there?

Slowly but surely, Lauren finds herself falling in love with the village and the cowboy. Is it too soon to want him? What will he say when he finds out she’s still a virgin and doesn’t know what she’s doing? Can she find room in her heart as she makes a new start for herself?

This is an 85-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! It includes stargazing, hot cowboys and steamy love scenes and is definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Contemporary, Cowboy, First Time Virgin, Western, BBW

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