The Boss’s Secret Baby

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

Money and chicks – that’s all I’m interested in.
And my f-list competition with my buddy.
I always win. Of course I do.
I’m the CEO. And sexy as sin. Who could ever say no to me?
The next target at the top of my list? The new PA I’m gonna hire tomorrow.
She’ll come on a business trip with me.
Oh, and pretend to be my wife.
I’ll show off my fantastic abs and instruct her how to please me.
Her panties will be on the floor before she knows it.
And she’ll want only more.
Did I mention we’ll be sharing a room?
Piece of cake.

Until I see who she is.
Until I find out she has a son.
With green eyes.
My grandmother’s eyes.
Could it be?

This is a 97-page second chance romance with a bad boy boss and a secret baby. It is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! It includes lots of steam and mature language. Most definitely for 18+ readers.

Tags: Billionaire, Bad Boy, Second Chances, Secret Baby, Pregnancy

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