The Alpha’s Secret Son

$2.99(or 299 Hearts)

$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

A curvy single mom PLUS a hot alpha coming home PLUS a secret child

Jace and Amanda were high school sweethearts. Until he got accepted into Harvard and she stayed behind.

One passionate night left her with a surprise… but she couldn’t tell him about it. So he left.

Now, six years later, everything comes falling down…

Jace is a big-shot lawyer, a billionaire, and the Alpha of his werewolf pack. He has it all, including a son that he doesn’t know about. But he’s about to find out. His father is retiring from his Alpha position and Jace is taking over. So he returns to his hometown… with his girlfriend in tow.

Amanda is struggling to get by, sharing her rent with another woman and taking care of her son. She’s never been able to forget Jace. How much longer can she keep her secret from him now that he’s coming back to town? And who’s that woman by his side? She’s not his mate, she can’t be… right?

This is a 17,000 words stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! It contains plenty of action, lust and steamy love scenes and is definitely intended for 18+ readers.

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