Single Dad Shifter

$2.99(or 299 Hearts)

$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

A kidnapper falling for her latest target PLUS a single dad shifter who needs a nanny PLUS lies, betrayal, manipulation and… love?

Billionaire dragon shifter Grayson needs a live-in nanny. As a single dad, he needs to make sure his twins are cared for. And he’s just found the perfect woman for the job. Or so he thinks…

Arabella’s on a mission. She’s been hired to kidnap Grayson’s children to force him to step back from politics. What she hadn’t counted on is that the guy’s the hottest target she’s ever had.

His sexy body, sun-kissed skin and sharp jawline make her want to… Stop it! She should focus on the mission.

But it’s already too late.

Before she knows it, Arabella finds herself entangled in a web of lies. How can she complete her mission and save the twins at the same time? How will Grayson react when he discovers her secret?

This is a 112-page stand-alone paranormal story with BBW, shifter, and action elements. It has an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This is a HOT story with mature themes and language. Most definitely for 18+ readers only.

Tags: Paranormal, Shifter, BBW, Babies, Action

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