Quarterback Daddy

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If I win, and I always win, I get an animalistic rush that can only be satiated by a woman’s body. And there she is, waiting to interview me.


I wasn’t attending the NFL game to see Kyle Murphy, like everyone else. I was there because I had a job to do. I had an interview to take, and I was willing to do anything to get it.

Chiseled body, six-pack abs, permanent obnoxious smile. He decided to undress in front of me, in the locker room. And then he invited me to watch him take a shower.

And I was floored. All self-control was out of the window. He was going to have me, and I was willing to abandon all professional ethics for the sake of the interview I wanted.

But then everyone found out. And I was left with a secret that not even he can find out.


I get an adrenaline rush after I win a game. An instant, animalistic instinct that can only be satiated by a woman’s body.

So I was lucky that Erica Lee, a fresh-faced young reporter was waiting for me after the game.

But unlike all my other fans, she was a tough nut to crack.

When I succeeded, it was like nothing else. I had to have her again. I wanted more.

So when my manager said I needed a pretend girlfriend to clear my name, I knew exactly whom I wanted…

Quarterback Daddy is a 65-page standalone book in a series of football stars secret baby romance novels. Other parts of the series:

Football Daddy

Touchdown Daddy

The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of hot football players, steamy love-scenes and mature language. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Bad Boy, Pregnancy, Secret Baby, Second Chances, Football


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