Played by the Rock Star

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I’m a good girl, I don’t like hot, famous rock stars. All I have to do is pretend that I’m dating one…

Brent Jacobsen is living the life of a rock star.

Sold out concerts.

All of the girls that he could ever want.

Parties and fancy hotel rooms.

It’s just too bad that he’s broken and self-destructing. After destroying another hotel room, his best friends come up with a brilliant idea on how to deflect the negative press: date their younger sister out in public and feed off of her sweet and clean life. They already know each other, so it will be easy enough.

It sounds so simple, until it isn’t.

Riley is beautiful and smart. Brent watched her grow up but now, at twenty-two, she is mature and compassionate in ways that he doesn’t understand. They both agree, but soon know that it is more than just a news story.

Can Brent find it in himself to give Riley what she deserves? Can he be what she needs?

Will his friends ever forgive him for what he’s about to do to their sister?

Will he ever be the same again after he tastes her lips?

Played by the Rock Star is a 35-page stand-alone story in a series, featuring good girls and their rock stars. Other parts of the series:
The Rock Star’s Baby
The Rock Star’s Pretend Girlfriend

The books each have a HEA and contain plenty of rock, steamy love and mature language. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Bad Boy, Rock Star, Alpha Male, First Time Sex Virgin, Best Friend’s Brother, Contemporary

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