Owned by the Vampire King

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

A curvy runaway trying to survive PLUS a sexy Vampire King who wants a child PLUS a killer on the loose!

Twenty-something Rosa Lopez is on the run, hiding from her abusive stepfather. Living in a women’s shelter and struggling to feed herself, life isn’t easy. So when Angelus Rex, King of the Vampires, offers her a way out, she accepts.

The deal is simple. She gets all the riches and luxury she could ever imagine. In return, she will be his mistress and have his child.

Angelus has been a Vampire for hundreds of years. Now he wants an heir. And with her lush curves and delicious smell, Rosa is the one he wants to impregnate.

What started off as a business contract becomes complicated when Angelus and Rosa find a passion that neither can deny.

But there are enemies who want to destroy Angelus and his mate. Don’t they know what happens when they cross a Vampire King?

When everything that he loves is in danger of crumbling to dust, Angelus has to make a decision that could destroy everything. Can Angelus save Rosa and their baby? Is he prepared to risk it all to save the one he loves?

Owned by the Vampire King is a 60-page standalone book in a series of Vampire King romance novels. The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of action, hot vampires, steam and pregnancies. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Paranormal, Vampire, Billionaire, Pregnancy, BBW, Alpha Male

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