Mated to the Dragon Prince

$2.99(or 299 Hearts)

$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

To unleash his Dragon, she must melt his cold heart first . . . 

Eyrl is the first Stlozyn male in a thousand years to be heir to the throne of Bronæl. But the government wants him mated first. Eyrl knows one thing for sure: he wants a human. Now, where to find her?

All Lily wants to do is dance. But when she gets badly injured, her one chance is to go to the stars to have it fixed. No problem. All she has to do is sign up for a program to be matched to a dragon. Who happens to be a prince. Oh, and the hottest creature in the universe.

When Eyrl’s beast eyes see Lily, his fires flare. Yes, she’s beautiful, but no, that doesn’t mean he’ll ever love her. What is love anyway? Just another emotion that makes otherwise sane people do stupid things. All she needs to do is marry him and produce babies.

But when Lily is taken from him, Eyrl finds out there’s only one thing that matters to him.

He’ll search for her until she’s back safely in his arms.

Even if it costs him his throne.

This is a 102-page standalone book in a series of sci-fi romance novels, featuring the alien dragon species Stlozyn and their human mates. The books each have a guaranteed HEA. Definitely intended for 18+ readers! 

Tags: Alien, Abduction, Sci-fi, Action, Pregnancy, Dragon

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