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Let’s not forget who the big shot around here is. 
It’s me.
I’m the hottest CEO around, and my fitness business gets bigger every year.
The last thing I ever expected to throw me off course is a tiny local business.
And the beautiful, smart and infuriating chick who runs it.

I’ve always been in total control of my life.
Women are throwing themselves at my feet.
So why am I letting this one woman get under my skin?
Why am I thinking about getting into her yoga pants the entire day?

I can’t shake it, no matter how hard I try.
She’s a business rival, and I need to keep thinking of her that way.
Not as the hot, sassy and delicious thing that I want on my desk.

I could shut down her business today if I wanted to.
But for the first time in my life, a woman leaves me speechless.

What am I going to do?

Shut her down, or ask her out?

This is a 30,000 words standalone story with a hotter-than-hot CEO and a HEA. 18+ readers only.

Tags: Office, Second Chance, Alpha Male, Bad Boy, Billiionaire

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