Hot Boss

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)


He wanted a one-night stand. But that’s not the kind of girl I am.

Michael Sole, with his dark, fashionable hair and blue eyes can make any girl drop her panties.
He came close to mine too.
Here’s the thing: I’ve been burnt by men like him before.
He thinks he can get his pick of women. He’s free to choose whom he wants, as long as it’s not me.
I’m changing my life around. I’m getting a new job. I’m moving on from men like him.

The only trouble is, he’s my new boss.


She may have rejected me once, but she’s not going to do it again. 

It won’t be long now, before green-eyed, fiery haired Aria Lawson finally cracks and falls into my bed.
She thinks she can keep her hands off me, but that’s what makes this game fun.
Besides, she’s my secretary, isn’t it a rule or something? She has to do what she’s told.
She wants a prince charming. That’s not what I am.

But I might want to be. ‘Cause I’’m falling. For her.

This is a 30,000 words standalone story with a hotter-than-hot CEO and a HEA. 18+ readers only.

Tags: Office, Second Chance, Alpha Male, Bad Boy, Billionaire

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