Given to the Barbarian

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Killing is never the answer. Unless you’re a T’Shav gladiator.

T’Shav gladiator Gylden’s job is to kill. Sold to a television network, every second of his life has been filmed. As long as he kills and the public likes him, he lives. It’s a good thing he loves his broadsword so much.

But who’s that delicious human he’s supposed to protect?

Bianca is ready for a fresh start after her abduction from Earth. What she hadn’t counted on was being sold as a slave to a sexy gladiator’s every want. Least of all feel an intense desire for the ruthless alien.

This is definitely not the moment to be feeling so turned on. But all she can think about is to let him throw her onto the bed and ravish her.

But Gylden and Bianca have to do not just one, but two things to survive. First: fight to the death in the Freedom Games. Oh, and second? Kiss on camera to entertain the billions of viewers.

The stakes are high. Desire even higher. It sure as hell isn’t easy to watch him take her whipping for her. Can he rise his broadsword once more to save her curves and their unborn baby?

Given to the Barbarian is a 70-page stand-alone story in a series, featuring the T’Shav species and their human mates. Other parts of the series (more coming soon!):

Sold to the Barbarian

Caged by the Barbarian

Bought by the Barbarian

Kidnapped by the Barbarian

The books each have a HEA and contain plenty of action, steam and surprise pregnancies. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Alien, Abduction, Sci-Fi, Pregnancy, Action

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