Caged by the Barbarian

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

I am the prize in a cruel game. And these barbarians are killing each other to win me

What is Bond, warlord of the T’Shav, supposed to do when the woman to play the Goddess in the Fifth Cycle Festival turns out to be his mate? Throw himself into the arena of course, cutting down his competitors with savage joy. This woman belongs to him.

Lieutenant Sara O’Neill has one big secret: she’s human. But that secret is about to come out as she’s caged as the prize in a deadly, bloody game between a bunch of ruthless aliens. She’ll be owned by the winner, his to do with whatever he pleases. Usually, that means being killed and eaten.

There’s no way that she’ll want this brute with his violent tendencies. Until she does.

But Bond has a mission to complete and he won’t be distracted. Yeah, right. That’s not happening when he’s stuck on a small spaceship with a curvy, delicious human.

Turns out someone’s out to claim her and his unborn young. Doesn’t the enemy know what happens when they get on Bond’s nerve?

Forced together, Bond and Sara have to fight the odds, focus on the mission and keep their hands off each other. Let’s see if they succeed… at that last part at least.

Caged by the Barbarian is an 89-page stand-alone story in a series, featuring the T’Shav species and their human mates. Other parts of the series (more coming soon!):

Sold to the Barbarian

Bought by the Barbarian

Given to the Barbarian

Kidnapped by the Barbarian

Rescued by the Barbarian

The books each have a HEA and contain plenty of action, steam and surprise pregnancies. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

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