Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior

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$2.99(or purchase this product with 299 Hearts)

I am the chosen one. The only one who can help him save his planet

Lord Aurzac is the powerful Durlan Warlord, devoid of emotions and fiercely loyal to his land. He is in desperate need to find his mate. Without her, his planet Terrgius will die and his people will perish.

Renaya is single, lonely and not very successful. Her bland life suddenly turns into a nightmare when she is taken from her bed and abducted to another planet. Scared and confused, she is auctioned in front of a barbaric crowd to the highest bidder.

Who is this cold and heartless warlord who bought her? Why does he make her feel so hot deep down in her belly?

Lord Aurzac knows she is the chosen one, the only one who can save his dying planet. Too bad that she demands freedom, not willing to be his slave. Torn between her desire for the irresistible man, the responsibility of saving a planet and her longing for freedom, Renaya must choose to do what’s right.

And as if that isn’t enough, there is an opponent who plans to destroy the pair and the planet. Renaya is taken captive once again. Will Lord Aurzac rescue her again? Will Terrgius return to be the paradise it once was?

Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior is a 61-page standalone book in a series of scifi romance novels, featuring the Space Station Andromeda 13. Other parts of the series:

Slave to the Barbarian King

Mated to the Barbarian Heir (coming soon)

The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of action, lust, violent warlords and steamy love. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Tags: Alien, Abduction, Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy, Military

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